Corporate Transfers Shuttle

Corporate Transfers and Shuttles – Helping Your Company Grow

Zaf Travel Shuttle offers best in class corporate transfers and shuttle services in Durban for employees to reach work securely, on time, and help the organization to grow.

We have numerous years of industry experience working with travel administrations for several associations. The staff transfers provided by us are truly world class. Due to our vast experience, we can understand the difficulties and how to meet our customers' one of a kind requests utilizing our vehicles, SUVs, vans, smaller than usual transports and moderate size transports.

We focus our ability on worker support for your primary concern through innovative, financially savvy, and carbon friendly alternatives for each representative. Our corporate transfers and shuttles services in Durban helps you to optimize travel cost and take your company to the next level, as when your staff members reach on time, then they will work happily to help you achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

You can experience various benefits after utilizing staff transfer in Durban from us:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Circumvent mishaps
  • Assistance in reducing fatigue of staff members


Zaf Travel gives a high degree of importance to the staff transport contracts in Durban. We make sure

that it is not only competitive but also offers a high degree of satisfaction to the clients. We give quality corporate transfers and shuttle services transport administration to enterprises, business designers, establishments/instructive offices, non-benefits and restorative foundations. Our ability incorporates outlining, actualizing and dealing with these buses benefits all.

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